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Our company

STEVIA NATURA  company was created at the beginning of year 2006 to specialize in production and marketing of products derived from the plant stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, in particular steviol glycosides.

STEVIA NATURA  was created with for vocation to produce exclusively the derived products of Stevia rebaudiana and the stéviol glycosides for the market of the food-processing industry, the natural dietary supplements or natural sweeteners.

Localized in Auvergne, near Clermont-Ferrand,
STEVIA NATURA  benefits from the technological knowledge and from the environment of the other modern and successful companies in the domains of the food-processing industry and of the pharmaceutical industry.

The specialization of STEVIA NATURA on a family of products derived from a single plant as a raw material, allows it to have a high level of knowledge and know how for its objecitves.

procures stevia rebaudiana leaves and primary extracts from South America, the country of origin of this plant and  from India. Cultures, drying and packaging are realized in conditions of  environementaly friendly farming .

STEVIA NATURA  set up with its partners a manufacturing process based on an extraction with water (infusion) without use of chemical solvents, which allows to obtain a product of a great purity and a high quality.

STEVIA NATURA  products for industrials or for consumers are today recognized for their high quality and  sold in many countries of the world.